Child Support Ministries Africa

We work in two districts of Uganda: Seeta town, in Mukono district and Tororo Municipality, Tororo district (Eastern Uganda):


People living in and around Seeta, in Mukono, live in extreme poverty.  Children are most affected due the lack of essential basic services.  Sanitation is very poor, as is housing, and most children have no access to basic education or health services.  Child Support Ministries Africa works in this community to bring about long-term change for people living in desperate situations.


Through a holistic approach to community development, CSMA works with vulnerable families to bring educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children, clean water and sanitation, HIV prevention and better health, food security, vocational skills in ICT, music and crafts.


 . We believe this will bring about lasting change that will empower vulnerablepeople and enable them lift themselves out of poverty and have a bright future.


The devastation caused by HIV/AIDS, left a large number of children as orphans and resulted into a breakdown of the normal family support structure in Tororo didstrict of eastern Uganda. This situation left most of these children with no mature responsible adult to care for them or no income to support them in education and livelihoods.  This resulted child-headed families all over Tororo district.  As such, the children are left vulnerable to exploitation, child abuse and sexual exploitation. Most of these children resort to a life of crime and immorality and are always vulnerable, to sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies, forced early marriages, child-labour, drug addiction, teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS infection and sexually transmitted diseases.  They lack basic education and proper health care, and a safe and secure environment in which to live.

In response, CSMA works with poor communities in Tororo district, to provide vulnerable children an opportunity to access quality education through child sponsorships and establishment of educational skills training, micro income enterprises for vulnerable families, food security, water and sanitation and educational scholarship for girls.











CSMA places orphans with foster families among extended family members and works with foster families to provide basic needs for the children and ensures that the children have: protection, food, shelter, clothing, medical care, access to quality education and spiritual nourishment, where the children grow up in a peaceful family environment in the home and become responsible and productive members of the community.

Foster family care and support

CSMA further recognizes the challenges and difficulties extended family members have in taking in and helping all the children left behind by deceased family members.   In the majority of cases, the existing family members have responsibilities to raise their own children and or are already over-burdened by many dependents and therefore find it practically impossible to take in additional children, or they are too old or too sick to care for children.


In such a situation, CSMA will establish Child Support Centres that provide shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and a nurturing environment that enables children to continue in school and have a safe home to live in.  Initially the program seeks to support 200 orphans and vulnerable children both in the Seeta area, in Mukono district, and in Tororo town, eastern Uganda.  CSMA is asking for your kind support in any form.

Child Support Centers and Orphanages