Child Support Ministries Africa


We support orphans and vulnerable children in early childhood education (nursery and primary), secondary school education, college/university education and in skills training programs in Uganda.   We seek to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by supporting them with a minimum of US$1.5 per day (or $45 per month).


We are asking individuals, families, churches, organizations, companies, friends and well-wishers from all over the world to consider supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda with a financial donation of at least $1.5 a day (or $45 per month). This will enable you to become a child sponsor with CSMA in Uganda, and help give a needy child a quality education, shelter, food and nutrition, health care and a safe and loving environment in which to live.

$45 sponsors one child in an orphanage for one month


$100 supports a volunteer care-giver to feed two children per month


$150 supports a volunteer teacher at an orphan school per a month


$200 pays school fees for one child in a boarding primary school for one term


$300 pays school fees for one child in a boarding secondary school per term


$600 pays college/ university tuition fees for one semester


$1,000 supports and orphanage with food and supplies for one month


You can target your gift to our child support program, computer skills training, agricultural project, poultry project, orphans school project, HIV/AIDS Initiative, Scholarship Fund project, vehicle project or just offer general support.


Other ways you can help:


Make a financial donation to support a project or program of your choice.


Adopt an orphanage or a child support centre in Uganda.


Mobilize your community: family, friends, relatives and co-workers to support.


Volunteer your time, skills and talents in a short-term or Longer-term volunteer program in Uganda


Donate gifts in-kind: collect and ship in-kind donations of children's clothing, shoes, bedding, blankets, school supplies, health & hygiene kits, mosquito nets, computer equipment, etc.


Donate property: land, house, warehouse or a home

to the orphans from anywhere in the world


Donate a Vehicle: 4WD van, bus, pickup

truck, salon car, motorbike, and bicycle.


Sponsor the purchase of an

agricultural farm land to grow

food crops to support the



Sponsor a poultry project


Sponsor computer skills

training program


Support annual Hope

for Kids Christmas gift

program in Uganda.

Please consider sponsoring a needy child through Child Support Ministries Africa.


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Or, you can donate by Check, made out  to "Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd" and mailed to our Mailing address:


Child Support Ministries Africa

P.O. Box 28454




Please contact us by email (info@childsupportministriesafrica.org), if you need more information.