Child Support Ministries Africa


Child Support Ministries Africa seeks to partner with like-minded private and public institutions in developed countries for the purpose of fulfilling shared goals and objectives.


We offer an ideal opportunity for international NGOs, funding agencies, churches, companies and corporate groups, volunteer teams, families, and individuals to be involved in ongoing, well-managed community development programs and projects that benefit orphans and vulnerable children, and youth in poor communities in Uganda.


An integral part of Child Support Ministries Africa's work is the ethos of improving livelihoods in communities in where children live. Our programs emphasise implementing projects that encourage the spirit of sharing with the less privileged members of our society as well as encouraging an environment of self-help, aimed at the poorest communities in Uganda.

local and international NGOs from all over the world

  America, Canada, Europe, and Australia


churches and faith-based organizations

  from Canada, Europe, America, Australia, Africa


funding agencies and development partners


colleges and universities from Europe, North

  America and Australia


companies and corporate groups


volunteer agencies from developed countries


families and individuals


The general goal behind our programs and projects is that they will continue to grow and expand beyond the initial project timeframe, providing a basis for the communities to move forward and become self-supporting.


Partners  ...  adding value and expertise


Partners may choose either to be associated with specific programs or to offer funding and/or materials to be used where needed in any program. Child Support Ministries Africa welcomes either preference.


We recognize that partners can both offer and

gain recognition and other benefits from

involvement in the various programs that

promote child, education and vocational

skills, health, agribusiness and

income generation.


We hope that all partners will

view their involvement in

implementing each project

as a partnership with Child

Support Ministries Africa,

in which they can add

value and expertise

in addition to funding.

Some projects may offer specific benefits, however all programs offer:


Association with a charitable cause in

 support of the most vulnerable disadvantaged

 children and communities in a third world

 country - Uganda.


An opportunity for partner organization's

 representatives and/or volunteer teams to

 visit project sites in Uganda and to take part

 in various development projects and program

 activities where possible.


Publicity in both Uganda and other countries

 through press releases and on our web-site


Recognition and/or advertisement of our

 partner's specific involvement and an invitation

 to all formal CSMA events.

Apply to Volunteer / CONTACT US


By email, phone or post


By completing our

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