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CSMA provides educational scholarships to disadvantaged teenage girls who lack financial support to further their education and have a bright future.


When we first began work in the Kamwokya slums of Kampala City, in Uganda, grandmother caregivers and widows with orphans and vulnerable children came to us seeking school fees and educational support for their children.  To date, 90% of the households we visit say that lack of financial resources to give the orphans quality education is their greatest need.

Our girl child empowerment program seeks to empower young disadvantaged girls through formal education and vocational skills training that will enable them become self-supporting and live a dignified life.


The "Bright Future Scholarship Fund" for girls education, will give bright and promising disadvantaged girls who are not able to continue with education due to lack of financial resources, and/or girls who have dropped out of school due to lack of financial support educational scholarships, to continue and complete high school and join college or university.


Most disadvantaged girls drop out of school due to lack of financial support and are not able to completed high school and/or join higher education in colleges and universities.  Our scholarship fund will enable girls to further their studies at college and university or in vocational skills training institutions where they will learn employment skills that will enable them find formal employment or start their own income generating projects and become self-reliant.


Sowing the seeds of quality education


Our scholarships give bright girls an opportunity to further their education and develop life skills at top local colleges and universities in Uganda.  The seeds of quality education will bear fruit in breaking the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and will bring about development for the community where the girls live as well as the country as a whole.  Our program includes an on-going mentoring element that provides mentorship to disadvantaged teenage girls.


The scholarships are given to disadvantaged girls seeking post-secondary school education and professional courses at national colleges/universities in Uganda, as well as those seeking to pursue various vocational skills at different vocational institutions in Uganda.


Below are the first beneficiaries of the pilot scholarship project:

We invite you to consider supporting this work by giving a financial donation to provide a scholarship for a needy girl child in Uganda.


It costs approximately $1,000 to pay for one girl's university tuition and boarding fees at a public university in Uganda per semester (there are two semesters in each academic year)


It costs approximately $600 to pay for one girl's college tuition and boarding fees in public college or vocational institution per semester (there are two semesters in each academic year)


It costs $400 to pay for one girl's tuition fees in a boarding high school per term (there are three terms in one school year)


If you would like to support CSMA's efforts to empower disadvantaged girls through the Bright Future Scholarship Fund, please contact us by e-mail, phone or post, or make a secure online donation, designated for "Education Scholarship for Girls".  Thank you.



Masibo Caro, first year BA Degree in Social Work & Social Administration, Uganda Christian University


Awori Beatrice, first year BA Degree in Records & Archives Management, Makerere University, Kampala


Namakuye Jane, first year Diploma in Business Adminstration, Datamine Business and Technical Institute, Kampala


Achom Viola, First year LLB law student, Makerere University, Kampala

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