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Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party

CSMA is now receiving donations of Christmas gifts in kind for the 2019 Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party that will take place on December 21st, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda.  Gift items include:  Bibles, shoe-boxes, clothing, school bags, school materials, toys, sports equipment, bicycles, shoes,  etc., that are given out as Christmas gifts to children and youth attending the annual Christmas celebrations.

/ 2019 Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party

The objective of the program is to enable less privileged children and widows' to share in the joy and blessing of Christmas by giving them tangible Christmas gifts of clothing, shoes, toys, scholastic materials, equipment, and other in kind presents.



You can help by collecting gifts from your family, friends, co-workers and well-wishers and shipping the donated Christmas gifts to CSMA's offices in  Kampala Uganda.  The gifts for this year's Christmas Celebration should be received in CSMA's offices in Kampala, Uganda, by December 10th, 2019.  All items should be shipped directly to our mailing address:


         Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd.

         P.O. Box 28454




Please contact us by email


or by phone (+256 782 691 159) or fill out our donation form, if you need more information.


Every year, Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd (CSMA) organizes the Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party celebration for orphans and vulnerable in Uganda, where children receive tangible Christmas gifts and presents donated by friends and well-wishers from around the world.  Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party is CSMA's annual end of year thanksgiving Christmas Gift Party for all orphans and widows in CSMA's Child Support Program in Uganda, aimed at providing decent tangible Christmas gifts and in kind items to Children and widows in Uganda.

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