Child Support Ministries Africa


Child Support Ministries Africa is a childcare and youth non-governmental organization providing holistic development to orphans, vulnerable children, women and youth in poor communities across Uganda.


We work with communities to bring about development through our programs in advocacy, agribusiness, education, health, household income generation and vocational skills.



Love: we seek to demonstrate love to children as a key factor in child development


Service: we are committed to selfless service; generosity in our time, skills, talents, other resources and servant leadership in meeting the needs affecting children in communities we serve


Justice: we promote and protect the rights of all children


Equity: we seek to work for an equitable society in which allocation of resources towards the needy is proportionally distributed to the needs of all children


Financial accountability: we endeavor to maintain the highest standard of financial accountability, employing generally acceptable accounting principles and applying all financial resources given to us to meet the needs of children in communities we serve


Children are God's gifts: we believe that children are gifts that God gives human beings for the purpose of expressing love through vertical relationship with God and horizontal relationship with fellow human beings - therefore we serve all children of all religions without discrimination

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Transformed children, transforming their communities spiritually, economically and socially.



To empower children directly, and indirectly, through families and communities so that they can get the opportunity to grow to their full potential.

Our objectives are:


• to promote the rights of children


• to support children and youth in education

   and vocational skills


• to carryout HIV/AIDS intervention

   and primary health care


• to establish small scale and

   medium scale enterprises


• to empower families of

   vulnerable children




The theory of change for Child Support Ministries Africa is to empower families economically so that they can support their children to enable them rise to their greater potentials and be leaders and change agents in their community.


Orphans and needy children are the most vulnerable to hunger, denial, disease and abuse in any given community.  If these children are not supported to grow to their full potential in the community, then we risk the extinction of the next generation or at the least mal-development of the community.